Indiana Hoosiers Party to End the Fed

During the week of November 18, Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University tabled in honor of the Federal Reserve’s centennial anniversary. We set up a table inside of a high-traffic building on campus, and had a “party” to celebrate 100 years of inflation, crony capitalism, and devaluation of the Dollar. Complete with balloon animals, party hats, and a clown (special thanks to Amanda Hale from the Leadership Institute!), we talked to countless students and faculty members.  

Time to Celebrate!

We handed out more than 50 copies of our “party invitations”/informational flyers during our two days of tabling. One student even said, “The Fed? I hate these guys! What organization are you guys with?”

Our table was filled with books and other information about capitalism and the benefits of free market economics. We passed out dozens of books and flyers, and also received new sign-ups for our email list serve.

Everyone is Excited about Liberty

After school reconvened after Thanksgiving break, we had a short informational presentation about the Federal Reserve for any new people who came to our weekly meeting. This was a great way to educate fellow students about an important issue that is often overlooked because of its complicated and seemingly harmless nature.

This was a really way to wrap up the fall semester here at Indiana University! We’re looking forward to doing even more this spring!

View of our Table

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