Indiana, marriage equality, and conservatism

 Andy Markle

With Indiana considering several anti-gay marriage proposals, Butler YAL decided to host an event discussing why marriage equality is an important issue for conservatives and libertarians to consider. With that in mind, we decided to bring Andy Markle, state director of GOProud and candidate for Indiana State House, to give us his perspective on the issue.


Andy recently left the Republican Party over the issues with gay marriage and is running as an independent for his seat in the state house. He is also familiar with how Indiana state politics work so it was a very nice experience to have him come in and explain Indiana politics as well as where the power for something like anti-gay marriage proposals come from.


This was meant to mostly be an outreach event to try and build coalitions with more liberal students. Unfortunately, the day before, Butler had its first snow day in decades and it was still in the negatives the next day. This lead to a lower turnout than usual. Fortunately Andy was an engaging speaker and everyone was able to learn a lot about not only the fight for marriage equality, but also about how Indiana state politics work!  



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