Indiana State University Recruits

Prior to last week’s break, the Indiana State chapter held a recruitment drive inside the Student Union building. We tabled in the Commons from 11-2 promoting incarceration nation and enjoyed great success! Despite it being the day before break, with many people already gone, we managed to get 21 sign-ups interested for the spring semester.

We can’t wait to kick ass in the spring and continue to pursue the ideals and concepts of liberty! We plan on showing Snowden and potentially having 100+ students in the spring. It’s all in the works!

Due to technical difficulties, the follow-up meeting didn’t necessarily work as planned, therefore we all sat around a huge conference table listening to music and playing Uno! Sometimes it’s the little things that matter!

We’ll have a great last few weeks prior to break and hit the ground running in the Spring to make it our best semester yet!

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