Indiana University Fights Free Speech Zones

Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University is no stranger to the grueling process of registering for the opportunity to table and pass out items to students. We’re also quite familiar with the tiny, unconstitutional free speech zones on our campus. It’s no wonder the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) rates Indiana University a yellow based on their speech codes and policies. 

Free Speech Wall

This past week, our group decided to fight back and defend free speech on our campus. Wanting to bring awareness to the unconstitutional free speech codes, we decided to build a free speech wall and set up on a zone on campus NOT in one of the designated free speech areas. 

Free Speech Wall2

We asked students and faculties all to sign our wall and were surprised that many weren’t aware that IU even had speech policies in place. Some were skeptical that it was true. And others clearly didn’t support their First Amendment Rights but took the opportunity to express that.

We gave away a ton of pocket Constitutions and had a lot of positive feedback from students who were interested in liberty giving us a total of 58 member signups. The next day we held a successful group meeting where I was able to welcome new attendees and introduce them to YAL. We discussed the importance of free speech in our country and in our school system and decided we wanted to pursue getting free speech policies at IU revoked. 

Days following we went at it again- this time with an 8 foot free speech ball! We had help from LI Field Rep. and YAL State Chair Josh Ibarra, and rolled our free speech ball around the cold and rainy campus for 6 hours!

Free Speech Ball

Free Speech Ball2

The hard worked paid off because the students loved it! This time I’m proud to say we got over 130 signups and were even interviewed for a segment on the campus radio station. I think it’s safe to say IU students love free speech!

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