Indiana University Kokomo’s 2016 Recruitment Drive

The YAL chapter at Indiana University Kokomo took part in the 2016 Student Activities fair. It was a great chance to gain some visibility on campus as well as meet and greet students and staff. It was also a great opportunity to increase campus visibility and make connections with other student groups.

Talking Liberty With Noah

We set up our table and engaged with the students around us. Students took part in a political quiz in which they learned where they aligned politically.They also were able to watch a slideshow of previous events we had done. Students were excited to hear about the message of liberty. Many wanted to learn more about their rights after they read the “How to talk to Cops” cards. Even professors were eager to learn more.

Even the faculty got involved!

This event helped boost our visibility at IU Kokomo as well as helped us make connections with other student leaders on campus. We are excited about the rest of the semester. We hope to make new connections and friendships that will allow our YAL chapter to prosper and grow.

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