Indiana University Southeast — Activities Fair + First Meeting


Working two days of the opening week of the Activity Fair on IU Southeast’s campus, our new YAL chapter accumulated nearly 20 sign-ups. We made good friends with the Econ Club and Criminal Justice Association. 

Most people were interested in what we had to hear, including one veteran student. At first, he said he found our “Pin the Drone on The Warzone” board “a little disrespectful.” After we talked to him, we explained our position is that we have it as a way of demonstrating how the current administration, as well as past administrations, have a pretty screwed up foreign policy (to which he agreed). Once he understood our group was advocating for peace and a stop to unnecessary deaths, he seemed to have a little more respect for what we were doing.

For the following week, using good public relations, our Facebook page accumulated 30 new ‘likes,’ for a grand total of 104 people in the local community learning about what our chapter is doing. 

A week after the Activities Fair, we held our first meeting. We provided the pizza and went over the “Learn Liberty” DVD. I allowed the meeting to become an informal “meet-and-greet” after realizing we were pretty much all on the same page. We talked about what the chapter meant to the new members, and what their impression of “liberty” meant.

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