Indiana University Student Involvement Fair!

The YAL @ IU Student Involvement Fair booth was a success! We had a lot of students sign up, how many, I’m not sure to be exact, but pages of students, and even more at our callout meeting last night! The vibe was great, many students were very excited to find our table and continued to ask, “Is it true? Is Ron Paul really coming? I’m so excited! How can I get involved?” Not only that, but many students were even just as excited to hear that Tom Woods is also coming and volunteered to help run the event. It was so inspirational and motivational to me to see the incredible response we got yesterday — and this will definitely help propel forward the biggest year for liberty IU has ever seen!

Here are some photos from our booth at the IU Student Involvement Fair:


He looks so excited to sign up for liberty!


This is Zach Overs, a long time member of the liberty movement who has started to take real leadership in YAL this year.


Where’s the YAL table at!?!??! Just follow the arrow, my friends.



Andrea Wolf, another important member of YAL @ IU, showing our article about Ron Paul coming to IU on the front page of the student newspaper!


Ryan Guilliam and Maggie Morrow, manning the fort!




“If you loose the flier about our callout meeting, just check the front page of the newspaper.”


Ryan Guilliam is one of the top activists in YAL @ IU and delivers the message of liberty so eloquently.


photos by Lindsey Ferguson

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