Indiana’s Statewide Conference

On Saturday, I attended the Indiana Statewide Young Americans for Liberty/Campaign for Liberty Conference on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  The event was well attended, well organized, and full of discussion about how to be most effective as a statewide liberty movement.  After some introductory presentations by YAL Indiana State Chair Nathan Murphy and C4L Indiana Assistant State Chair James Werner, we broke up into groups.  There were five Chapter Presidents at the YAL session, and we made plans to reach out to even more campuses to help them with the process of becoming a chapter.  We also discussed having a similar statewide meeting every semester at a different campus.  


When we got back together with the rest of the group, we shared our ideas with each other.  Then, we had an open session where we created a list of action items which were then posted on the internet so we could all have access to them.  We also heard speeches by Fairfield Township Trustee Julie Rousch, 2010 Libertarian US Senate Candidate Rebecca Sink-Burris, and 2008 Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Horning.  The event was even covered on the local TV news!

I would strongly encourage all YAL and C4L members to work together and hold a statewide conference of your own.  It was a great time and it was extremely valuable to be able to network and strategize with other liberty activists. 

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