Initiative and Referendum Meeting ft. Frank Dillman

The Auburn YAL chapter was delighted to have Mr. Frank Dillman speak at one of its recent meetings on the topic of Initiative and Referendum and the efforts he is making to bring about change by lobbying to have them allowed in the state of Alabama.

Ballot initiatives and referendums are measures by which voters gain more direct control over their state governments. By placing these proposals directly on the ballot, state residents are able to vote directly on whether or not they believe certain pieces of legislation should be enacted. This process puts a tremendous amount of power in the hands of voters and gives state representatives a greater sense of accountability to their constituents.

Alabama, alongside many other southeastern states, does not currently allow for initiatives or referendums, instead placing the fate of the state’s public policies almost solely in the hands of legislators. However, Frank is working to change this by educating voters and lobbying to change the laws within the state. We at the Auburn YAL chapter thoroughly appreciate the work Mr. Dillman is doing, and thank him for taking the time to come and speak with us.

To learn more about Initiative and Referendum in Alabama, please visit www.LetBamaVote.Org, and learn how you can help put power back in the hands of Alabama voters!

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