Insanity and the Government

If you think you’re not crazy, think again.  The definition of insanity has grown pretty broad, so it should perhaps come as no surprise that refusing to pre-authorize a c-section when having baby is deemed crazy — and grounds for your child to be taken away from you. This is what has happened to a mother in New Jersey in 2006:

RH Reality Check reports that when V.M. showed up at the hospital planning to give birth vaginally, she was asked to sign a pre-consent form permitting a c-section should it become necessary. She refused. Had there been an unexpected complication with the pregnancy, V.M. could have consented to the procedure at that time, but she didn’t want to sign away her ability to make decisions about whether or not her baby would be sliced out of her belly. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

The hospital, however, disagreed. After giving birth, without complications, V.M.’s newborn was taken away from her on charges of endangering child welfare. She and her husband have been fighting for three years now to get their child back.

The good news is that the courts have ruled that refusing to pre-authorize a c-section is not child endangerment, but the family is still in court trying to get their baby back. You see, the hospital has filed a complaint against the mother because she was “acting irrational, hostile, and yelling” AFTER they took her baby away from her in the hospital.

For a similar case that directly affected a person in the liberty movement, I would suggest you look into the case of “Baby Cheyenne,” who was taken from her parents for fallacious charges.

A common tactic of repressive governments is to declare dissidents insane and then imprison them.   In 2005 about 10% of US citizens were on “anti-depressant” medication. These numbers have only gone up.

When you look at all this, I have to ask: Do you really want the government running healthcare?

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