Inter Club Presidential Plat-Forum

 YAL Xavier Debate

Last night, Young Americans for Liberty at Xavier University hosted the first ever Inter Club Presidential Plat-Forum, which was co-sponsored by Xavier College Republicans with the participation of College Democrats and Political Science Club. This was the first time in Xavier history an event involving all four of these clubs has ever taken place. The event was moderated by the President of Political Science Club as well as the faculty chair for the Political Science. We gathered between 80-90 students, some funneled in and out of the event, but there was quite a large crowd.

YAL was represented by myself and our Vice President James Hogan, and College Democrats and Republicans were represented by two members from each respective club. The moderators asked multiple questions ranging from foreign to domestic policy, including our relationship with Russia to the National Debt. Every group was allowed to respond to each question and, if inclined, rebuttal a claim or statement said by another club. I thought this event was a great way to get the names of each of our clubs out and hopefully increase our clubs membership.


Overall, the event was fantastic. We had great response from the audience as well as those involved. Many people approached me afterwards to talk about how well the event went. Everyone involved was very well spoken and respectful of each other, making this quite different from the Presidential debates we all saw on TV. We decided it would be best if we avoided the Presidential candidates and focused solely on the party platforms. I hope that fellow leaders of YAL mimic this format if they choose to undertake events like this in the future!

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