Interest Meeting at Newberry College

The first meeting of Young Americans for Liberty at Newberry College was a phenomenal event. Designed to follow last Friday’s initial recruitment fair, tonight’s gathering brought together 10 sign-ups and walk-ins for a meal and an introduction to YAL and the principles of liberty.

The majority of individuals present were freshmen, with several upperclassmen present as well, ranging politically from Bernie Sanders supporters, to Trump supporters, to Gary Johnsonites. Utilizing videos provided by YAL National, including “Why I Joined YAL” and the 2017 YALCON recap video, we were able to provide a comprehensive introduction to what YAL believes, and all YAL has to offer. Several students expressed interest in taking available leadership positions in our chapter, and those selections will be made in the next two gatherings.

The sample meeting agendas and the guide to running a successful informational meeting were a helpful foundation for planning the meeting. We even received several “thank-yous” for sending friendly reminder texts about tonight’s meeting. Finally, all-in-all, the provided food, costing about $45 total, was a good platform for bringing students together and initializing the conversation. We look forward to hosting another meeting in the coming week.

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