Interview Requests?

Due to some technical difficulties at my university, the Tom Palmer interview’s audio quality is seriously inadequate, so I’ll have to merely transcribe it when I have a chance. This is a disappointing because it was a very interesting exchange, but I’m sure we’ll be able to hear his thoughts sometime in the future. (he was very cordial and pro-YAL)

This Saturday I’ll be interviewing Stephan Kinsella about libertarian legal theory and all audio issues should be worked out by then. There is also a very high profile academic I’ll be talking to Oct 13th, but while I previously dropped his name on this blog, I want it to remain a surprise for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

All that said, do you guys have any requests? I can’t make any guarantees, but hopefully I’ll be able to get an interview for YAL with the guy or gal you want to hear from.

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