Introducing Libertopia’s Blog

Libertopia has announced the launch of its official blog.  Stephen Molyneux’s transcribed speech inspired me to add this comment:

I look to the past – but you did that too. Sometimes in my own life I feel at peace with the Universe, comfortable, happy, warm. Cuddled, even. So I take that feeling, because it’s the one that we’d feel if we did get the gratitude, and I imagine being those people from the past, whose bodies have passed away, but whose ideas live on: Tom Paine, Socrates, Thomas Jefferson. If there is any spiritual component to us that lives on after the body goes, I imagine it can enjoy the gratitude too. So I let those ideas bask in the comfort of that peace I find, hoping, trusting, having the faith that there is such a component in us, and that those great men are there, enjoying it because I’m letting them use me to feel it. I should add to the list Edison, whoever invented the wheel, Jesus (though I’m agnostic), and … encourage everyone else to add famous dead folks they recognize as having improved our lot.  Dead people might enjoy some gratitude too, or at least whatever part them is alive in you.

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