Introducing LOLA…


LOLA, Ladies of Liberty Alliance, is an up and coming women’s organization that aims to educate, mobilize, and train libertarian women within the movement.  We are hoping to create an environment for women to learn and gain confidence to fight for what they believe in.  

This September 1st the ladies will be holding a “calendar bomb” similar to fundraising bombs in the recent and past.  For a $20 donation you will receive a 16 month calendar debuting some of the top women activists in the liberty movement.  The calendar will be the initial fundraiser to gain resources needed to begin LOLA’s mission.  Please visit the LOLA social networking site to purchase your calendar!

The actual unveiling of the calendar will take place at the Northeast Regional Campaign for Liberty Conference in Valley Forge, PA.

Please support LOLA and their desire to bring more women into the movement!

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