Introducing the Illinois Liberty Leadership Forum!

Next weekend, students from across Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin will gather at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign to network and discuss how to grow their student organizations! This is a must attend if you are a leader, or hope to become a leader, in the student liberty movement! The Young Americans for Liberty state chairs in Illinois have spent weeks planning to make this one of the most valuable weekends of the spring. There will be panels and discussions hosted by leaders in the student liberty movement that will help you grow your club, and be a more effective activist! This event is open to all students interested in becoming leaders in the movement, not just those who already are!

The weekend kicks off with a welcome reception and social at 6pm on Friday, April 13th. The next morning we’ll get down to business at 10am, going through the day before wrapping up with another social on Saturday night! Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Illinois will be providing couch space, and Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Chicago will be organizing carpools from Chicagoland. Sign up today, and write on the Facebook wall if you need a place to crash or help organizing a carpool!

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