Introducing YAL and the message of liberty to AASU

Using the Recruitment Kit materials and the new banner from YAL, we reserved a table for the school’s RSO Block Party and were able to sign up 19 potential members despite the rain and humidity.

Armstrong Atlantic State University is small public university located in Savannah, Georgia. The feel of the campus seems to be either apolitical or strongly belonging to either one of the major political parties. However, neither party has a strong, solid membership in their respective college groups.

There were a few people that came to our table who were already familiar with YAL. Several people were actively seeking out a libertarian group on campus, and the rest seemed genuinely interested even though they were unfamiliar with both YAL and libertarian philosophy in general, but decided to sign up when I explained it to them. The materials sparked some great conversations, and I can conclude that Young Americans for Liberty at AASU has the potential of becoming a strong chapter!

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