Introducing YAL Northeast

YAL NortheastI am excited to introduce the first seven State Chairs for YAL’s Northeast region. These leaders will spearhead the growth of the youth liberty movement in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and all of New England.

Below the jump I will outline our initial plan for the region. But first, meet the people who will be making it happen.

Matt Ciepielowski


Matt is a senior, studying political science and journalism at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. Matt is also an editor of The Quinnipiac Chronicle, and spent last semester in DC as a YAL intern.

Megan Duffield

Megan Duffield, Massachusetts Chair

Megan graduated from the University of Rhode Island where she began one of the first YAL chapters. She also is a founding member of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance. Megan is now working for a libertarian animated film studio in Boston. She stays active with liberty happy hours and activism in Beantown. In her opinion, culture and youth will lead this revolution.

Alex Peterson


Alex Peterson, a veteran of the Iraq War, was awoken to the cause of liberty after witnessing the horrible truth of our overseas aggression. Shortly afterwards, he learned of Ron Paul and decided to become active in the liberty movement. Alex then worked with John Jones in creating a YAL chapter at the University of New Hampshire. Alex is also very involved in the Free State Project.

Andy Daken


Andy is a senior History/Political Science (Pre-Law) major at Rutgers University. Since ‘waking up’ in 2008, he has taken part in the Adirondack/Green Mountain Ron Paul Meetup, written for the Peace Freedom and Prosperity website, and supported many liberty-minded candidates including Steve Lonegan, Anna Little, Fernando Powers, Donna Ward, and Murray Sabrin. He is also a liberty-centric singer/songwriter and has played alongside Jordan Page.

Roy Antoun


Roy is an undergraduate with a double major in History and Political Science. In September 2009 he was elected to the County Committee in Brooklyn, NY. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the YAL Foreign Policy Handbook.


Stacy Litz


Stacy Litz is an undergraduate at Drexel University, studying political science. She is the President of the Student Liberty Front, campus coordinator for Students for Liberty and founder of her university’s chapter of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy. She is the winner of the Drexel University Student Leader of the Year award and first place winner of the Campus Freedom Network incentive program. She writes for, Center for a Stateless Society and other varied publications.

John Logan Jones


John found the path to liberty while serving as a Pashto Linguist in the US Air Force. After hearing Ron Paul explain the concept of ‘blowback’ he realized that something had to be done about the out-of-control US government. John has been involved with Young Americans for Liberty since 2009 and started New Hampshire’s first chapter along with two fellow veterans.

We still need leaders in Maine and Vermont. Apply here if you are interested.

Each State Chair will assemble a team to help recruit, empower, and mobilize liberty activists in their state. Our initial goal is to organize a YAL chapter on every 4-year college campus across the Northeast.

To meet that goal soon (and to be the first region to do so!) we will need a solid team of campus organizers, including a Recruitment Director and Development Director for each state. If you think you have what it takes, fill out an application and message me or your State Chair what position you are interested in.

Also contact me with any other questions about the Northeast or the field program in general.

With fifty State Chairs running fifty state-based leadership teams, YAL’s chapter growth will expand massively. This will provide a strong base for ambitious political projects in the run-up to Election 2012.

If you’ve read this far and you haven’t yet applied to the YAL leadership team — well, what’s wrong with you? Get off the sidelines and apply now.

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