Invasion at San Jose State and First ever Northern CA Leadership Summit!

This past Thursday, September 3, 2015, the Northern California State Chairs consisting of Tim Khousnoutdinov, Niike Andino and Kevin Suarez met up for a mobilizing campus invasion at San Jose State University. Alex Seavey from the Leadership Institute joined in the fray as we handed out free Constitutions, pamphlets on Libertarianism, and books from both FEE and the Independent Institute.

Cal State Chairs

Niike Andino and Alex Seavey; our LI Field Rep.

After three hours, and with several dozen sign-ups, the State Chair team and the LI NorCal Field Representative made their way to Roundtable Pizza in Santa Clara, where they hosted a special strategic summit for fellow liberty lovers and YAL chapter officers from across the South Bay.

Aaron Tao, Amy Lee Andres and Katherine Modesitt; all from the Independent Institute, drove in from Oakland to share their own experiences with YAL, as well as resources from their Institute. Youhan Gh and Brandon Pham; both chapter officers from De Anza College, attended the event and shared their personal stories in the liberty movement.

The summit was also attended by some newcomers to YAL: Mark Anthony Vogel represented the up and coming Santa Clara University chapter, and Aaron Brown and Adam Skerritt attended, representing the rapidly reforming chapter at SJSU. Patrick Petersen, Professor Mark Brady, and Mike Bulea; all veterans of the libertarian movement also attended and shared both their personal experience as well as hard-won advice. 

Kevin Suarez; State Chair, sharing advice for successful activism

The State Chair team provided all in attendance with Chapter Action plans on top of customized activism guides and partner organization short lists, the latter two of which Tim painstakingly prepare a few days prior.

Thus, plans were set and a follow-up strategy was adopted, with great things sure to come in the coming days and weeks! And so, after nearly three hours of pizza, bonding and planning, the attendees left the Leadership Summit with the inspiration necessary to help light the torch of liberty and spread the good word in the greater Bay Area.

Attendees of our first ever NorCal Leadership Summit!

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