Inver Hills Community College Constitution Week

Inver Hills Community College (IHCC) is an incredibly diverse school in Inver Grove Heights, MN — which means an incredibly diverse spectrum of beliefs. However, our Constitution Week transpired to be an incredible success. After passing out sixty-some Constitutions and obtaining 15 sign-ups, IHCC is transforming into a more libertarian-friendly campus.

Being that IHCC YAL is the only political group on campus, we are bringing about real change on campus, one step at a time. Just about everybody loved being handed a Constitution, however some did not even know what it is (CRAZY what a world we live in)!

We are building from the ground up, and now we are expanding upon how the administrators are wasting our hard-earned tuition. They are dreaming of ways to increase tuition and fees, however IHCC YAL is beginning to be that student-focused activism that says NO! 

Constitution Week was a successful event. Now IHCC YAL must support our fellow students and get them involved in the highly political aspect of our hard-earned tuition payments (most of the projects will never benefit students)! This will greatly increase membership through the real prospect of bringing leadership qualities in all members.

“Inver Hills Community College Young Americans for Liberty chapter is training our students of today, to become leaders of tomorrow.”

-Derrik Savig
IHCC YAL President 

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