Inver Hills War on YOUth

Brian, Vice President, Excited to detail Liberty!

Inver Hills Community College in Minnesota bravely started in the fall semester of 2013, under the name of “We, The People.” After lack of resources and lack of members, I decided to transition my love of liberty and education into a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. We have done several tabling events, and we had a few interested students in YAL. We started later in the Spring semester of 2014, and have been pushing to start planning for the Fall of 2014 to make our presence known on campus. We are making students of today, leaders of tomorrow!

On April 22nd, 2014, Inver Hills Young Americans for Liberty Co-Sponsored the Fifth Annual Marijuana Forum, where various speakers, including a NORML Representative as well as a doctor, spoke for and against marijuana decriminalization and legalization. Our chapter Vice President, Brian, and I tabled outside of the event, with our War on YOUth materials.

We set up Pong Off Your Debt cups and balls and YAL information materials — my favorite being the ten reasons to join YAL! Some students were attracted by our anti-drug war literature. We had two or three students pong off their debt, virtually eliminating all $150,000 dollars they owe (we wish it were that easy).

All in all, we are making our presence known on campus, and we are expanding our members in every event. We are planning for Fall 2014 to become an official Inver Hills Club, and we cannot wait to make our students of today, leaders of tomorrow! We are interested in repealing the policy of tyranny on the ban against legal concealed carry citizens to keep our schools and country safe.

How am I going to defend myself and others against a murderer when I have to run all the way to my car to wield a gun, and hope by then that others and myself are still alive? That is your common sense in Minnesota, the land of hunters! We are going to take our country back, and it will not be today or tomorrow; we are going to take our country back NOW!

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