Involvement fair at The Ohio State Univeristy

Pot Brownies

On Sunday, August 21st, Young Americans for Liberty at The Ohio State University had a huge start to their semester. We tabled at the student involvement fair and were able to gain 100 student sign-ups. That was a huge boost in sign-ups from the year prior where we had around 60 sign-ups.

One key to our success tabling was that we gave away free “Pot” brownies to the students. To some students disappointment, we actually brought 150 cosmic brownies from Kroger and placed them in a pot. We ran out of brownies in the first hour and a half of the event. Almost all of the students who walked by our table had a good laugh. 

Sign up

Of the 100 students who signed up, 20 of them immediately joined our chapter’s group chat and they are super excited to get involved. We are on course to make our chapter even larger than last year where we averaged 25-30 students per meeting and hosted 4 events with 70 or more students.

Overall, we are super excited to work with these incoming chapter members to Make Liberty Win at The Ohio State University.


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