Involvement Fair, Constitutions, and Lots of Fun


On Wednesday September 27th YAL had its first event of the year on the UWT campus! During the annual involvement fair, we handed out constitutions to help spread the knowledge of liberty. We wanted to let the students of UWT know about their rights on campus and had fulfilling conversations with many new students. We were met with many happy faces and people were thrilled to have their first ever pocket constitution. Many criminal justice students were also excited to have received constitutions as well. The UWT YAL chapter plans to have future events in cooperation with the UWT Criminal Justice League. We also plan to hold another self-defense seminar so that students are empowered through their right to self-defense. We did meet some resistance from administration at the end of the fair. YAL is still yet to be fully recognized as a club on campus. (Just as the wrestling club which I run, we are in search of a new advisor). There were complaints that we were not allowed to hand out Constitutions at the fair because we were not a fully recognized club. We politely disagreed and cleaned up our area as the fair was already over. Now, we plan to take some Constitutions back to campus and exercise our right to free speech by handing more out to students. We will see if there is any more hostility from administrators, but I am fairly confident we will be able to continue to spread the word of liberty without any more interruptions. It was a great day and we all had a fun time!

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