Iowa State University YAL’s Constitution Week

YAL @ ISU had a great month of October getting the word out about the NSA’s mass surveillance and recruiting members to our chapter!

We started our recruitment drive at our university “ClubFest” event. Over 100 signups were collected and it was a great success!

For our Constitution Week activism, we gathered “Privacy Act” requests from fellow ISU students, which ask the NSA to disclose all of the records and information they have on the person submitting the request.

People who have used similar Privacy Act forms in the past in mass have received letters back from the NSA stating that they could not disclose their records because it would be a threat to national security. Despite knowing that the NSA is not likely to release the information, the goal was to raise awareness about the violation of our rights.

During the average year, the NSA receives approximately 1000 Privacy Act requests. So far we have been able to collect roughly 500 just from our university! We are still working on gathering more before we send them in bulk to the NSA.

We got many signups throughout the week and brought out Former State Representative Kim Pearson to our weekly meeting!

Kim discussed her experiences fighting for liberty and our constitutional rights in the Iowa House of Representatives. Afterwards, we had a Q&A session and rewarded the person who gathered the most Privacy Act requests with Ron Paul’s new book, The School Revolution. We then wrapped up the meeting with a fun pizza social!

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