Iran a “Military Dictatorship”?

Hillary Clinton and IranAccording to a recent New York Times article, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared the Islamic Republic of Iran to be a “military dictatorship.” She said that “we will always defend ourselves, and we will always defend our friends and allies, and we will certainly defend countries who are in the Gulf who face the greatest immediate nearby threat from Iran.”  But one must question why the United States has “allies” in a war that is being fought against a non-conventional army, or why the US feels the need to intervene in the Middle East at all (if oil is the issue, all government needs to do is lower taxes and allow the private sector to compete on creating a new, renewable energy source).

Furthermore, the United States is now proposing a new United Nations Security Council Resolution “that names specific companies and the wide web of assets…to increase the cost for those who do business with Iran so much that they would cut off ties.” Not only is the United States interfering in global free markets, but it is only giving Iran another reason to hate the West. Rather than compromising with Iran, the policies our government is pursuing will strengthen hatreds which already exists and even create enemies where we had none before. 

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