Is anyone else Sick of seeing Cheney’s Face Plastered on TV 24/7?

Here he is again, demanding that Biden and Obama take a healthy dose of “thank you George Bush” with regard to Iraq and demanding terrorist acts be treated not as crimes, but an “act of war” by the Obama Justice Department.

A confident man would not repeatedly be making the talk show rounds to repeat the same point. This dude obviously feels psychologically tormented by the possibility that  slaughtering thousands of innocents, launching an aggressive war, and torturing people may have been gravely wrong. His need to repeatedly condemn Obomba’s supposedly weak national “security” agenda reflects — I think — not only how guilty he feels, but how tormented he feels by the possibility, however small, that the Bush Administration  will eventually be held accountable for its violations of US law.

My advice to the ex-Veep is this:  Take the McNamara route and admit you were wrong. Swallowing your pride is never easy, but  I promise it’d make the rest of your life more peaceful and relaxing.

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