Is Dick Cheney Unpatriotic?

chenIvan Eland certainly thinks so and so do I!

The former vice president has been noted to be highly critical of the Obama administration, especially regarding foreign policy. Since the attempted terror attack on Christmas Day, Cheney’s critical tone has escalated.  He told Politico:

We are at war…We are at war, and when President Obama pretends we aren’t, it makes us less safe.

The president’s “low key response” regarding the Christmas Day incident and his refusal to use “the War on Terror,” Cheney continued, indicates the president’s belief that the War on Terror is more of a law enforcement issue than a military issue.

Well, I suppsoe our  Mr. FORMER Vice President detests to admit all his screw ups. I mean really, who is this guy fooling? This is not 2001 or 2003.  It’s as if he’s suggesting that all our terror prevention and foreign policy mistakes have occured only within the last year — and that he should not be held responsible for any of it.

It is most certainly unpatriotic — or at the very least disingenuous — for Cheney to hold the present administration accountable for all the US’s foreign policy problems and ignore his own administration’s contributions, like the starting of two wars.  It dishonest for this man to criticize Obama’s foreign policy for not being hawkish enough, when in reality he and his neocon buddies should be holding pom poms in the air and cheering for  Obama’s basic continuation of his predecessors’ policies (though he focuses on a different war) . I suppose two undeclared wars are not sufficent for Mr. Cheney.

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