Is Election Fraud Possible in Kentucky?

The Washington Post came out with an article today reporting on Trey Grayson’s claims that Rand Paul’s campaign is using “widespread voter intimidation” tactics.  These claims are based on this “election day precinct activities” guide for Rand Paul volunteers.  

What Grayson is claiming is that it is illegal for Rand Paul volunteers to check voting machines to see if they are set at zero.  Grayson claims that Rand Paul gave volunteers illegal instructions.  Here are the instructions Rand Paul’s campaign gave:

Attempt to determine that all voting machines are set to zero.  Ask kindly but do NOT argue if they don’t allow us.  Immediately call the election hotline to report these incidents.

At the bottom of the instructions there is a stamp that says “Received, May 18 2010, State Board of Elections.”  

It gets better.  Read the last paragraph of the Washington Post article and read the entire article from which this reporter received his information.  For those of you who do not want to read as much I’ll quote.  The Post writes:

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported this afternoon that as of 12:45 p.m., the state election fraud hotline had received 41 calls including “allegations of vote buying” and “voter intimidation,” and that “many of the calls” involved Paul’s campaign.

The Lexington Herald-Leader actually reports:

Many complaints involved the contentious campaign for Kentucky’s open U.S. Senate seat, which features a Republican primary between Secretary of State Trey Grayson and Tea Party movement favorite Rand Paul.

Grayson is overseeing the elections in Kentucky as part of his job description as an elected official.  He could very well be fixing the election in his favor and using this press release to invalidate all appeals Rand Paul’s campaign could use.

Is there a history of fraud from outsiders in Kentucky?  No!  It seems that it is the insiders who have a very recent history of election fraud, vote buying, electronic voting manipulation, etc.  

Let’s just hope that any voter fraud by insiders doesn’t effect the prediction of the Rasmussen polls.

Note: Young Americans for Liberty does not support or oppose any candidate for office.

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