Is it just me or is it getting cold in here?

Barack Obama, that paragon of virtue. That saviour we elected to save us.  What has he done to answer the hopes of the American people? He has not only continued the Bush administration’s influx of troops to the Middle East and proposed to fund abortion with taxpayers’ money, now he is also pushing for climate change legislation which will further limit our freedoms:

U.S. President Barack Obama told world leaders at the final day of the Copenhagen climate change conference Friday it is time for ‘the nations of the world to come together behind a common purpose.’

Global warming is far from proven, despite (false) claims of consensus within the academic community.  Anecdotal evidence about how unusually cold it is this year in my home state of Virginia aside, I find it hard to be worried about potential climate change while our economy collapses and our medical industry threatened with further socialism. Is this a blind? Is Obama trying to make himself the good guy after a largely failed year in office?

While our leaders quietly destroy America at home and abroad, they prey on our guilt. They use climate change proposals divert us from the main problems where our focus should be. We have more to worry about than green house gas emissions and the polar bears — like our futures. When the economy bottoms out, no one is going to give a damn about seals. Let’s ignore the distractions get our priorities straight.

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