Is Military Service Honorable?

Fred Reed asks that very question today on  He argues that military service can only be honorable if it is truly defensive, if — for example — the “Wehrmacht were landing in North Carolina.”   Rather than simply accepting that war is patriotic, Reed continues, we should question what we’re told about the “need” to fight:

It seems to me that when your country says “go,” you should ask, “Why?” Do you have a reason to kill whoever you are being sent to kill? Then go. Otherwise, don’t. If I told you to go to Ottawa and kill Canadians, you would think me mad, and think it correctly. Why then should you obediently kill them because a politician in Washington tells you to do it? I do not understand.

Life or death decisions like this require, in short, careful thought and deliberation — not a mad rush to fight for the homeland.  After all, it may not be the homeland which is to be fought for; it may be the pocketbooks and glory of a select few.

This is a provocative article to say the least, but nonetheless I’d recommend you read the rest here.

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