Is Obama planning a totalitarian “War on Obesity?”

Though the President is currently distracted with catchy phrases like “health care reform,” and “cap and trade,” I think Anthony Gregory is correct in anticipating an upcoming state-sponsored “war on obesity.”  I can see the press conference now… A bunch of morbidly obese youth lined up behind Obama with sugar-free Jello in hand, smiling as their God-King pontificates about taxing Krispy Kreme donuts and imposing “common sense limits” on “restaurant portions.”

Drawing from my “expertise,” as someone who has fluctuated from a bit chubby to rather fit a couple times in my life, I can say the answer to the “fatty crisis” is simple: “Eat less, exercise more.” Indeed, lack of effort and self control may not be the culprit in all cases of obesity, but it sure is in a great many of them. And putting aside the moral problems of coercion, no government program will reduce obesity, since they are too politically correct to candidly discuss the causes and social ramifications of it.

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