Is Obamunism Slowly Dying Down?


According to some indications, yes.


Conservatives and libertarians aren’t the only individuals who are upset with this out-of-touch president, his administration, and his blank-check Congress. We are not alone. It seems that some of our friends from the left are becoming increasingly impatient and disappointed with our elected elites as well (yes, Republicans, I am talking about you too). Just two years ago, liberals and Democrats were overwhelmingly excited about Obama’s presidential nomination. They assumed hope and change were easy, transparency and the welfare-embracing utopia they desired were short a few months away. It’s not surprising  to see this administration fail them on many levels.


I’m sure all of our liberty activists are way ahead of me on the video of an African American woman asking President Obama questions on live television. It was extremely entertaining to watch this honest, diligent woman ask tough questions about the realities of our battered economy to our president. She did a wonderful job at it, too. However, the president was dancing away on the question and also crediting himself for the useless expansion of government his administration has created since he took office. So in the end, the question and answer session was an ultimate failure. As long as this administration continues its misguided economic policies (which the president will not acknowledge), Americans — including liberals — should expect more bad news on the way.


Now it seems that many Democrats are avoiding the president as political poison on the campaign trail.  Democratic candidates that are running in states like Colorado, Florida, Virginia , Texas, Arkansas and Georgia are examples of this. Recently here in Texas, Obama’s visit to El Paso did not receive the warmest welcome. Former mayor of Houston and Gubernatorial candidate Bill White was not present at Obama’s Texas visit. No hard feelings though! — because the president knows fully well what the Democrats are doing; political survival is very hard to come by these days.


All in all, the point of Obamunism’s slippery downfall is Obama’s failure to do more and less of what he promised. Initially, everyone remembers the pop-star media treatment he received during the 2008 presidential election and his inauguration. But what happened? His policies happened. For the economy, most Americans do not approve of his job and feel he is doing more than he should. Obama’s passion for big government is obvious in the eyes of most Americans. As for foreign policy, many Americans want a less of a global role. We’re getting sick of this continuum of endless wars, which Obama promised to end (at least in Iraq, which turned out to be a another lie). And don’t get me started on civil liberties…


What is the most pessimistic about Obama’s presidency is the lack of leadership. Obama also had the youth behind him but is now loosing them. Many people (especially the youth) voted for Obama because they felt he was a fresh start to D.C. politics, only to find out the exact opposite. Thus, many Americans feel deceived. In fact, not only has Obama deceived Americans but also inflated the national debt to 13 trillion dollars (something the coming generations will undoubtedly find burdensome). Of course, not all of this is Obama’s fault; Congress also shares a large portion of the blame.


Though Obamunism’s fall was predictably inevitable, none would have imagined it would be this quick. As Americans are becoming increasingly discontent with politicians nationwide, a vacancy of leadership still remains. Though the Tea Party is politically significant, it too still lacks official leadership. 2008 wasn’t the year of change, and it seems 2010 isn’t going to be big on change either.  Maybe 2012?

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