Is Pakistan Killing Our Troops?

The latest Wikileaks infobomb revealed hundreds of civilian deaths at the hands of NATO, among other “unreported” misadventures in Afghanistan. By exposing the truth, Wikileaks “puts the lives of Americans and our Allies at risk,” says The Obama Administration. The Dear Leader forgives many things. Unnecessarily endangering our troops isn’t one of them. Especially in Afghanistan, where He deploys them to defend our freedom from “maybe 50-100” members of Al Qaeda.

Every President hides behind his soldiers. This cloaks their wars from serious scrutiny. But for Obama, that tactic might be even more disingenuous.

According to one file released by Wikileaks, “Pakistan, an ostensible ally of the United States, allows representatives of its spy service to meet directly with the Taliban in secret strategy sessions,” and helps “organize networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan.” The New York Times reports this data is unverified, but that “many of the reports rely on sources that the military rated as reliable.” Other Wikileaks logs accuse Pakistan of supplying the Taliban with motorbikes for suicide bombings.

This is the same Pakistan Hillary Clinton called our “partner joined in common cause” while promising $500 million in foreign aid. War, like politics, makes for unsavory bedfellows. Is the US knowingly making cash payoffs to a government that mobilizes and arms its adversaries?

What ghastly allegations. Superpatriots, who still get all hot and bothered over Jane Fonda, should be appalled! Jane did mingle with the People’s Army of Vietnam. But she didn’t bequeath them a B-16.

Is Pakistan killing our soldiers? Was our troop-supporting President aware? Let the investigation begin.

This post originally ran at The American Conservative.

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