Is the college tuition bubble going to burst?

Are college tuition rates the heir to inflated housing prices — a bubble about to burst?  Here are eight arguments why they are (and here’s the source and explanations for the arguments):

  1. Tuition is, and has been, increasing at double triple the rate of inflation
  2. Students are borrowing more than ever to pay for college
  3. For profit colleges are paying homeless people to take out federal loans to enroll
  4. Colleges are on a non-teaching staff hiring spree that far outpaces enrollment
  5. For profit reliance on federal loans has reached an all time high
  6. Schools are spending on luxurious amenities to lure in more students
  7. College president salaries are sky high, even in a historical economic downturn
  8. The student loan problem cuts across all schools, for profit and nonprofit

So what do you think:  Is the (government caused) tuition bubble going to burst?

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