Is the Wilsonian nightmare coming to an end?

I’m a proud New Jerseyian for a few reasons:  Taylor Ham; Judge Andrew Napolitano and his alumni status at Princeton;  and NJ is the birthplace of a great noninterventionist:  President Grover Cleveland.

Yet I’m not proud of the fact that NJ is also the home of Woodrow Wilson, the standard bearer of liberal interventionism around the world.  But I recently stumbled across this picture  from Time:

And unfortuntely for Time, the mischaracterize the policy of NONINTERVENTION and call it isolationism.  Isolationism means blocking out the rest of the world, but non-intervention is a very different idea calling for peace, free commerce, free travel, and friendly diplomatic relations wherever possible.  It sounds like more Americans than ever are interested in something like that.  Let’s keep that trend going and spread Dr. Paul’s noninterventionist ideas!

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