Israel Finally Lifts the Three-Year Ban On Shoes in the Gaza Strip

Because shoes are militarily symbolic?

According to Palestinian officials, Israel has recently decided to lift one of the many blockades it has had on the Gaza Strip for the past 3 years:  shoes.  The blockade started in 2007, but it was not fully official until 2008.  Israel’s reason for the shoe ban is because it believes that shoes are a “dual use of technology.”  Israel argued that since shoes are worn and used by militaries as part of their uniforms, perhaps Gaza militants might use them as a symbol to their uniforms.  The same ridiculous reason was used to ban many types of clothes as well. This is a little confusing to me since I think I have seen terrorists and insurgents wearing flip flops, so why not a ban on flip flops as well? 

Officials have said that shoes will be allowed after the Passover blockade is lifted.  Some officials also say this new move by the Israeli government is the result of pressure from the Obama Administration.  However, it is unclear whether this lift on shoe ban is temporary or not.

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