It is Mob Rule When People Stand Up for Freedom?

The Democratic National Committee has branded protestors of Obama administration policies as “the mob,” implying an attempt to return to barbasic mob rule. 

Senator Boxer (D-CA) believes that this outburst is just people wanting to hurt President Obama.  Watch the video for yourself:


Nancy Pelosi goes after the protesters as well, saying they are carrying swastikas to town halls:

She may be right, though I haven’t heard of anyone actually carrying a swastika, and if they are, they are symbolizing the fascism of our own government.

The people are fed up and growing tired of Washington. I will agree with one thing about these protests, and that is they are probably being organized by the Republican Party.  The attendees, however, come from across the political spectrum. 

This is the start of the R3VOLUTION!

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