Ithaca College Hosts Virtual Liberty Speaker: Antony Davies

Professor Davies held a captive audience at Ithaca College this past Wednesday. Over forty students filled a packed classroom to hear Professor Davies speak on “The Robin Hood Myth: Why Taxing the Rich Won’t Work.” 
Students listening to Professor Davies.
IC YAL knew our provocative title would spark interest in the Ithaca College community. Each YAL member did their part to help promote the event. Our most effective promotion tactics included sharing the event with professors, and directly asking students to join us. Also in the audience was the Editor-at-Large for LibertyConservatives, a prominent online political magazine. 

Professor Davies about to begin his talk.
Professor Davies began by discussing the flaws of progressive taxation and the government’s “revenue problem.” He then argued, in contrast to leftist rhetoric, the top earners in the U.S. are already taxed too much, and used data to support this claim.
After resounding applause, we opened the floor to questions. Our audience was eager to engage, and the discussion flowed. We filled a full sheet with signups, and students approached us after the event sharing their excitement to learn more about YAL.
IC YAL used this opportunity to promote our upcoming “Freedom Week” event, in which we will devote an entire week to promoting Free Speech on college campuses. We thank Professor Davies, and cannot wait to host more Virtual Liberty Speakers!
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