Ithaca College YAL: Foreign Policy & Pizza

IC Young Americans for Liberty topped off our activism-filled Wednesday with Virtual Liberty Speaker Jim Harper. A Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, Harper spoke about the themes of his book Terrorizing Ourselves: Why U.S. Counter Terrorism Policy is Failing and How to Fix It, and participated in a Q&A with the audience.


Harper was IC YAL’s first Virtual Liberty Speaker, and we billed the event under the title “Foreign Policy & Free Pizza.” We drew attendees from all spectrums of the campus including, College Republicans, IC Progressives, students on the Debate Team, and faculty members.


We felt the content and timing of the event was effective to increase recruitment for IC YAL. Holding a foreign policy-themed event on Veterans’ Day taps into the Liberty principle of honoring our fallen soldiers by creating less of them. Also, providing a liberty perspective on foreign policy taps into a millennial sentiment of opposing the military-industrial complex. This event opened the door for students hesitant on embracing liberty ideals to see the intersection of liberty across borders; upholding freedom through counter-terrorism policy is built on the same principle of upholding human freedom through economic policy, drug policy, etc.

Thanks to Mr. Harper and our Regional Directors — IC YAL continues to grow.

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