It’s About Liberty, Not Privatization

A recent Bloomberg piece brings up an agency of especially sore repute among libertarians (not to say that there are many agencies of good repute) and looks into a Republican Party “solution” in dealing with some problems facing that agency.  

The agency is the TSA.  The problem is theft; or, “sticky fingers” as Bloomberg puts it.  The “solution” is privatization.

First created in late 2001 as a reactionary effort to simply “do something” immediately following the September 11 attacks, the TSA has rightly been the topic of much outcry among libertarians, and other liberty lovers across the political spectrum.  Perhaps my favorite blogger on all things TSA is the ever-enthusiastic Becky Akers, who writes over at the Lew Rockwell Column.

We hold that the TSA should not exist. It is completely beyond the jurisdiction of the United States federal government to involve its bureaucratic police force in every single airport in the United States. The Bloomberg piece notes that the problem the TSA faces recently is large quantities of charges for theft.  

This is not the problem. This is the result of the problem.

The problem is that American faces a rising beast known in history as a police state.  Here it is not called a police state.  Here it is called a cost for our “freedoms.”

As the linked article points out, “House Republicans who convened [a Homeland Security subcommittee] hearing may try to illustrate how private companies would do a better job than government.”  

Ahh, the ole “privatize it” scam.  The problem is that there exists a fake debate in this country over an entirely false and politicized dichotomy. To read these mainstream news sources and to follow the activity on Capitol Hill might lead one to assume that the grand issue of our time is whether the mandated operations of our crony and fascist government should be handled by crony capitalists looking to profit off taxpayer money or by politicians looking to profit off taxpayer money.  Yes folks, the debate is which group gets the dough.

Fortunately, for the liberty-minded, for the “young American for liberty” (lowercase), we have the capability of looking for options beyond the suggestions of the dopes in Congress.  How about not privatize the unconstitutional agency called the TSA?  How about, you know, eradicating it.  Privatization means nothing if it is still mandated by the Federal government and written into law. It is still bad economics, it is still anti-liberty, and it is still encroaching on our rights.  We can already hear the whines from the establishment: “But then there would be no security!”  

Balderdash!  Let the airports provide their own security, according to their own estimations and calculations of need.  Let the markets work and let liberty not be impeded.

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