‘It’s Cute’: Chinese College Students on Americans’ Self-Conception as Saviour of the World

In an interview in Beijing, several Chinese college students reflect on America.  Their observations are interesting, to say the least:

ASHLEY ZHANG, student: I think that the United States is trying to transport its own value, like freedom, democracy, to other parts of world, but maybe China, or India, or Cuba, these countries, they don’t think that they have their own — own situations, maybe not suit those values.

ZHAO LIANG, student: I think the problem is, it might not suit China. So, if it is such a good thing, maybe China would evolve, have an evolution towards democracy on its own.

ALFREDA ZHANG, student: I think the most witty and — and tricky thing about American government or society is that they put personal liberty as the mainstream.

STUDENT: It’s cute, because the Americans tend to picture an American soldier on the street of Iraq, and saving Iraq people from hell.

And I think whenever there is a dictatorship, as someone would call it, the U.S. tend to think that it’s their job to save those people and to — and they haven’t realized that democracy is an absolute value in U.S., but it might be not that absolute in other countries.

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