It’s time for a real discussion on healthcare reform

While the healthcare “debate” has been childish at best, this commercial illustrates the reason why real discussion about healthcare reform is not taking place. Instead of critically engaging the issues, the GOP has once again resorted to fear tactics to accomplish its goals. By inciting fear and anger in its consitutents, the GOP has funneled the energy born in August’s townhall meetings in hopes to once again breath life into the party.

No cuts to Medicare, period?
A new “seniors bill of rights?”
I was under the impression that Medicare was staffed by bureaucrats who love to get in the way of doctors and their patients.
It’s time to stop this partisan bickering and actually have a real discussion about healthcare reform and what sorts of changes need to be made.
For a great diagnosis of America’s healthcare problem and some practical solutions I reccomend reading an article by David Goldhill from The Atlantic found here.
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