IUK “Are We Rebuilding The Wall?” Footage

For many at Indiana University-Kokomo, this was the first time the word “Communism” was brought to the forefront of their attention.  Some didn’t know what Communism is or was, some didn’t care, but many were happy that we were demonstrating and took the time to take over 100 YAR magazines and 400 fliers off our hands.  With a school population of about 3,000, we probably exposed over half to our demonstration. 

We had 3 peices of plywood making up our wall.  The first piece contained the 10 planks of communism according to Marx.  The second board was spray painted with interventionist policies and institutions that create borders to freedom.  The final piece was the ironic “pick your favorite dictator” panel in which 11 dictators in the million plus club (people killed under them) were displayed as a demonstration against what political walls do to constituencies.

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