IUPUI 2013 Recruitment: A brilliant success

This year our IUPUI YAL Chapter had one of the best recruitment drives in our history.  We tabled sixteen hours from Monday, August 19 through Thursday, August 22.  Our return on investment was outstanding and we gathered over one-hundred signups.  As a result we have 20 dedicated new members!

Student Expo

The success of this year’s recruitment drive is due in part to our chapter’s “re-branding” strategy. In the past our chapter’s notoriety to an outsider may have been that of an all-male political club. This year, we have successfully re-branded ourselves as a fun and exciting social activism club. As a result, we have been able to attract many new demographics to our chapter. Surprisingly enough, the majority of our new recruits are women.

Student Expo 2

Tabling in itself was very successful. We improved and developed what we already knew about tabling, and took it to the next level. We utilized our new banner given by national, and we enhanced the interactivity of our table by adding Liberty Pong. As an added bonus we offered soft drinks, and snacks. All of these items enticed a lot of students to visit our table.  

Student Expo 3

We held our call out meeting in a great looking board room. We attracted around twenty potential members to our first call out meeting. Thanks to national we were able provide free pizza to the students who attended. Everyone who attended the call-out received free copies of Morality of Capitalism, After the Welfare State, and Why Liberty.

Call out

We went through the mission, values, and history of YAL. We stressed the importance of four aspects of our group: attending conventions, student activism, hosting speakers, and socials. These four cornerstones for our chapter really seemed to resonate with the students. We also went into the internship opportunities provided by YAL’s extensive network of sponsors and partners. This sure did perk a lot of ears up!

Call out 2

Immediate interest in executive positions within the chapter was surprising. Out of a pool of the 20 new recruits, we have received seven applications to be involved with the executive leadership for our chapter. Last year we would have never thought this would be possible!

After the call-out meeting we planned a social for the next Thursday at a pizzeria. Overall, 15 members showed up including 10 new members! Every enjoyed each other’s company while we ate, drank, and had fun. 

Pizza Social

With our re-branding strategy, and hard work from our chapter’s leadership, we were able pull off the best recruitment drive our chapter has ever seen. We are looking to take our campus by storm this year.

Here’s to a great semester!  

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