IUS Recruitment

This was my first time having a recruitment drive at my campus. This past Thursday I woke up a bit nervous considering I am the only active member in my chapter. I had to do this on my own. Bringing supplies and constitutions into school, setting the table, and keeping a welcoming smile on my face. But to no avail I did not get a single  sign up. I couldn’t believe it. Anyone I tried to talk to either didn’t have time or just flat out was not interested. I felt like I was selling a religion nobody wanted. Even with such little turnout I am determined to continue my efforts on campus. This week we have planned to execute our Restore the Fourth event. I am pumped and excited that this will draw at least one sign up. I was a bit upset and discouraged that my results were the way they were. I will not let that from stopping me from educating and promoting Liberty on campus. #MakeLibertyWin

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