Jeff Deist at Lock Haven University

On Thursday, November 10th, 2016, at 7:00pm, Jeff Deist, president of The Mises Institute, spoke on ‘The Limits of Politics’. Attendance was about 220 people. We filled up the room, and even ran out of chairs!

Lock Haven Audience

Mr. Deist spoke on the benefits of decentralized government, including how the people have a much louder voice in local and state government when compared to the federal level. He made the case for being politically active at low levels of government, and the futility of attempting change at the federal level.


Mr. Deist also made the case for limited government to those unhappy with the recent election results, and used it to point out the number of people that the political system has failed to represent at the federal level. Afterwards, Jeff Deist answered 6 questions from the audience, and then had discussions with interested audience members after questions.

Jeff Deist YAL

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