Jeffrey Tucker Visits UW-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison chapter of Young Americans for Liberty hosted the renowned economist, journalist, author, and fashion enthusiast Jeffrey Tucker on November 5.

Jeffrey Tucker

Tucker, the Executive Editor of Laissez-Faire Books and author of the books Bourbon for Breakfast, It’s a Jetson’s World, and A Beautiful Anarchy, delivered the lecture “How Commerce Saved Civilization.”

Jeffrey Tucker

In his fascinating speech, Tucker discussed how commerce and capitalism evolved over time as a form of societal organization and how, despite claims to the contrary, it is the sole reason we can enjoy the great technologies, treasures, conveniences, and livelihoods that we know today.

Event Attendees

Tucker also touched on the economic fallacies surrounding Hurricane Sandy, denouncing the disastrous anti-gouging laws and rationing systems enforced along the East Coast. Once called the “poet laureate of capitalism,” Mr. Tucker influenced the minds of many people that evening. 

Event Attendees

Beyond the lecture, YAL members and guests enjoyed spending time with an unbelievably interesting man!

Joseph Diedrich and Jeffrey Tucker

A video of the event will be posted in the near future.

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