Jenganomics and Free Speech at Iowa State University


Jenganomics was a very useful activism kit for our table at ISU. The giant Jenga blocks were more than enough to attract people to our table, at and at times we wouldn’t even need to say anything—passersby would simply be interested enough to approach us. While they played Jenga, we would explain the nature of the activity, how redistribution of wealth had a negative effect on the economy. A representative from another ongoing event, the ISU blood-drive, even decided to play a round.


After a brief discussion on economics, we’d tell players more about our YAL chapter, and a small handful even decided they’d sign up for our mailing list, we hope to see them at meetings soon!

Pet 1

An issue we’re focusing a lot on at ISU is free speech. Our campus has designated “free speech zones,” and unless you have explicit permission from the university, these zones are the only places individuals and organizations are allowed to table or protest. We believe this policy is in direct contradiction with the First Amendment, and that free speech should be permitted campus-wide. We currently have a petition we are asking people to sign, and even those who were not interested in YAL would more often than not sign the petition.

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 In the end, this tabling event was very successful. We are a relatively new chapter, and this certainly helped get our name out!

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