Jenganomics in the Sun City

Yal Showing Mardi Gras Spirit

The YAL Free Markets 101 Activism Kit was a successful tool in the UT El Paso and our sister affiliate chapter, El Paso Community College YAL group. Using the classic board game Jenga, we were able to demonstrate to students in El Paso the importance of economic freedom to a healthy economy. While at first glance, redistribution seems to generate more wealth, it soon becomes apparent that it does nothing more than displace wealth,create holes in the economy, and eventually brings everything crashing down.

At our tabling events throughout early spring, YAL UTEP and EPCC members set up the large Jenganomics set, and enthusiastically invited other students on campus to come interact with it in order to get a more hands-on mini economics lesson.

YAL UTEP and EPCC Members Demonstrating Jenganomics

The game was a big hit! The setup attracted students eager to play a board game that’s been a staple throughout their lives. The noise of the set when it would tumble down piqued the interest of still others within earshot. It soon turned into an instance of everyone wanting to see what the group with the giant Jenga set was all about.

Because of the inherent nature of the activism kit, spreading our message became easy and fun, as well as relatable and digestible to potential recruits. As many as 40 new people would sign their name to our sheet in a day of recruitment, a very successful and encouraging number. The EPCC YAL CHapter even received a “Best Booth Award” at a Mardi Gras tabling event.

Best Booth at EPCC Mardi Gras Tabling Event

After utilizing this tool provided, we invited the new recruits to social events at local restaurants, where we could better familiarize them with the group, our members, and our economic policy, of course.

Our future plans for exposing our recruits as well as the student body as a whole to more ideas about economic freedom and the free market include organizing a lecture by an Austrian economics professor, Dr. Ashby, on campus and inviting others to join us.

In addition to the lecture, members in the Sun City have taken the idea of board games, digestible information, and learning through hands-on playing as a tool to learn about economics and transformed it into our own, unique activism event, planned for later in the semester.

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