Jennifer Baysinger Visits Friends University YAL

Friends University YAL had the honor of hosting Jennifer Baysinger with Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty during our last meeting. This event not only allowed current members and leaders in our group to get a better idea of the economic and moral shortcomings of the death penalty, but also allowed us to boost our attendance to our meeting! We ended up with around 25 students and members of the community nearly, filling our meeting room, even garnering the attention of John Whitmer, who is running for state congress in Wichita.

Jennifer Speaks To Friends Students

We asked professors around campus to offer extra credit to their students who attend, and found one professor who would offer such benefits to his students.  I would recommend every chapter utilize this possible tool to boost attendance to your events and possibly meetings. Through the students that the professor got to attend, we identified a potential future leader in our chapter and received five new sign-ups who were very interested in being involved. We also utilized Facebook’s tool of advertising events, spending all of five dollars to reach twenty two hundred views on one post alone.

More of the Group

We ran this meeting as a forum that allowed Ms. Baysinger to lay out her points and arguments for abolishing the death penalty for the first half of the meeting, and then a question and answer forum for the second half. It was very interesting to hear the different types of questions that were asked and nearly every student in attendance had a thought provoking question or point.


While adverting, we pushed for students who had a opposing view to Ms. Baysinger’s and our own to attend to stir up as much debate as possible. After the meeting was finished, everyone I spoke to enjoyed the forum style meeting that made it easy to speak to the presenter before and after the event. You can see the happiness on people’s faces, as shown by chapter leader Joshua Hicks.

"What are the economic benefits?"

"Should we treat the convicts like we treat our animals in a zoo?"

Josh Hicks, Everyone

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